Please read the following;

Over the next few days overnight temperatures are predicted to go down to -2 degrees celcius. If you have tender Perennials and Annuals in the ground use a white sheet to cover them up. If you have a larger area please goto your local garden centre and pick up frost blankets. These are a thin white fabric that are in rolls which are easy to help protect your tender plants from frost. If you have an order that does contain Annuals for shipping this week we are re-routing all of them until next week when hopefully the chance of frost is gone. We are still going to be shipping all other items but if you do have an order with perennials please place these in the garage or house until the chance of frost is gone. Nearly all of our hardy items are outdoor grown and can handle this frost but if some items did get frost damage these will typically get some black leaves but they will bounce back no problem.