Collection: Gorgeous Prairie Hardy Trees

Trees are an integral part of a beautiful landscape design.  These lumbering beasts tend to dominate their surroundings, so picking the right tree to complement your landscape is an important task! At Aspen Crossing, we carry tree varieties that are hardy and beautiful.

Also, If you’re interested in fruit trees, we carry a variety of delicious choices! We also carry exotic choices (for Alberta), including the Top Grafted Dwarf Korean Lilacs, and Linden varieties. And we have those fruit pie classics - from Dolgo Crabapple trees to Cherry trees and Pear trees. Yum yum!

Or if you’re interested in decorative trees or shade trees, browse our large selection ranging from Weeping Caragana to Big River Flowering Crab trees! These trees can transform a yard into a picturesque landscape, with shade or uniqueness for picnicking and cookouts!

And of course, all of our trees are healthy, happy, and pest free!

Whether you’re starting your yard landscape, or starting an orchard, you can count on Calgary Plants and our hardy trees!  Give us a call if you have any questions! Our online tree nursery is here for your convenience!