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About Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre

Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre prides itself on being the premier place to get plants. We provide only the highest quality plants and offer a selection that will thrive in Calgary's harsh climate. Not only that we stand behind our products and if you have any issues or concerns we are here to help you out. 

While many other garden centre's look only at getting the cheapest plants/products to provide to their customers. We strive to only have the highest quality products for our clients. We are starting to grow alot of our own products to ensure our cutsomers only get the best quality!

If you compare our prices to the other main garden centres or online garden centres you will see that our prices are extremely compititive. But that is not all! We offer delivery rates that blow away the competition. At just $12.99 to Calgary our rates are nearly half of our closest competitor while most other garden centres charge $50-$125 and more. 

We have a huge selection of Prairie Hardy Potted Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Evergreens, Perennials and Vines. In 2016 we did a move to our new location to serve our customers better with higher quality plant materials and faster more reliable delivery service. We also offer full planting on all of our products along with full professional landscape services. 

Our site if very easy to navigate to find the right plant for the right spot in your yard. We also have a live chat feature during peak season to help our customers find the plants they are looking for. If you know what you are looking for it is easy to just use our search feature on the top right of your page. 

Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre started as Bronscapes in 2012 as a part time venture and became in 2013. In 2015 due to explosive growth is now Incorporated as Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre Inc. was started by garden horticulturists Rick Bron and Laszlo Zatyko. Rick and Laszlo consider themselves growers at heart, but besides their vast experience in growing ornamental plants for the garden and landscape industry, they also have many years' experience in garden centre retail and landscaping. All together they spent over 40 years in this industry doing what they love the most: planting and growing beautiful plants and serving customers. Due to family reasons Laszlo is unfortunately no longer with the company. 


I love the ease and simplicity of Calgary Plants online garden store.The fact that I can read in detail about each plant, shrub or tree and know exactly what I am getting for the price is very useful. I have had the pleasure of buying two gorgeous trees and a lot of plants from the store and all are thriving in my garden. The delivery was easy and fast. I will be making more orders for many seasons to come. I have already recommended this service to many of my friends.

Fiona Gallacher - Customer


I bought a globe dwarf spruce this past spring and some junipers this fall. The quality of the stock is excellent and is superior to what I've seen in the higher end nurseries in Calgary. The prices are comparable if not lower and the best part is that their delivery rates in Calgary are very reasonable and so you can save yourself the hassle of having to get larger plants back home without undue stress or damage. I would highly recommend them.

Tamara Lamb - Customer


I have made two orders from Calgary Plants Online. Let me tell you how amazing this company is...

My first order was made in the Fall to be delivered. I cringed at the thought of what I would get. If you have ever been to Greengate in August or later, you know how unhealthy the plants are. I decided to try this because I am home bound in immense pain and the selection was so very tempting. Shopping in a store can be very difficult for me. I called them after I ordered to ask about plant health, they reassured me. Also, I needed them delivered to my back yard from the alley, I was concerned about theft. They delivered my order on time, exactly where they said they would. When I saw the lush, beautiful, healthy plants, I was hooked! These people deliver very healthy plants that are ready to root in.

Then, last year, I ordered all of my container annuals from them because who wants to fight for petunias on the Labor Day weekend, right? I needed a lot of single red wave petunias. For some reason, these are harder to get even in good years but last year, there was a crop failure and huge shortage. I did not know. So what did Calgary Plants Online do? They took what they had and proceeded to THREE other nurseries to fulfill my order! That was way above and beyond what I expected! These people know customer service. Most would have given me an out of stock call or asked to substitute something else. CPO is my new favorite Alberta company.

If you have never ordered Plants Online before, just try it. They are so helpful on the phone as well should you have any questions. Their website is also easy to use. You will be impressed with the selection and prices.

Tara King - Customer