Prices for delivery are to front door only. We do place it in a safe location near/on your front step or garage. If you would like other arrangments please contact our office prior to delivery and discuss options as there may be a delivery surcharge. 

We are now accepting orders for Spring of 2017. Any orders placed between now and then will be put into cue of order recieved. This all depends on the weather and the times when we recieve our shipments but when all items are available this is when we will ship. This shipping period will start between mid-April and mid-May as some items are greenhouse grown or do come in from central BC. We do not sell any plants that come from the US or the Coast to ensure you will get the highest quality plants that will thrive in Calgary's climate. 

Please ensure you will be ready to recive your order as soon as it is available as we will no longer accept orders to be delayed in the Spring. If you want to add to your current order during preseason ordering that is not a problem.

During in season ordering we will ship orders ASAP and this could be 1-3 business days. If you are not ready to accept plants then do not place an order as we are going to ship it as soon as we can. I really hope you understand that this as most of our customers really appreciate our fast shipping times.

We have our own delivery vehicles but during our busy month of May we also have third party couriers that help with our shipping. 

See Below For Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates

New delivery zones info For Calgary Plants


Zone 1 Downtown, small van must be home - $12.99

T2P, T2R


Zone 2 (Inner city) which includes Chestermere - $12.99

T2N, T2M, T3C, T3E, T2T, T2S, T2G, T2V, T2H, T2C, T2B, T1X


Zone 3 (Deep South Calgary) - $12.99

T2W, T2Y, T2J, T2X, T2Z, T3M


Zone 4 (Upper South West & West part of NW) which includes Bearspaw area - $12.99

T0L, T3H, T3B, T3L, T3G, T3R, T3A


Zone 5 (Upper Southeast, all of NE plus some in the East part of the NW - $12.99

T2A, T1Y, T3J, T3N, T2E, T2K, T2L, T3K


Zone 6 – Airdrie - $24.99              T4A, T4B

Zone 7 – Cochrane - $39.99          T4C

Zone 8 – Chestermere - $12.99   T1X

Zone 9 – Langdon - $12.99            T0J 1X0, T0J 1X1, T0J 1X2, T0J 1X3

Zone 10 – Bragg Creek - $69.99   T0L 0K0

Zone 11 – Priddis, Millarville, Turner Valley, Black Diamond - $69.99  T0L1K0, T0L1H0, T0L2A0, T0L1W0

Zone 12 – Okotoks - $49.99         T1S

Zone 14 – High River - $69.99      T1V

Zone 15 – Dewinton - $24.99      T0L 0X0

Zone 16 - Strathmore - $39.99     T1P

Zone 17 - Caresland - $49.99       T0J 0M0

Zone 18 - Didsbury - $79.99        T0M 0W0

Zone 19 - Lethbridge - $219.99      T1K, T1H