While there is not alot of vines that work great in Calgary we do carry the best ones that will thrive in your garden. We only carry the hardiest types of Clematis and also carry hardy types of Hops, Honeysuckle and Ivy. If you are looking for something without flowers that will self climb up brick/concrete or other surfaces than the Englemann Ivy is unbeatable. While all of our Clematis are hardy for Calgary the hardiest of them all is the Jackmanii Clematis. Want to start a vineyard in Calgary well you might have some luck with either the Vailiant or Beta grapes, these are the best 2 varieties for Calgary. But don't get your hopes up for a vineyard here, as while these should get you some grapes they are not the best for wine. If you are looking to brew beer or just love the looks then Hops is what you are after! Hops can be a bit tricky as they do attract whiteflies which can be detrimental. It is a good idea to keep some insecticidal soap handy and have a watchful eye before they cause too much damage. 

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  • Clematis - Ernest Markham

    DESCRIPTION: A popular variety of this wonderful flowering climber and with good reason; abundant fuchsia-red flowers are produced throughout the summer on a vigorous vine, a great plant for the novice...
  • Clematis - Henry

    DESCRIPTION:  A positively stunning climber with enormous snowy white flowers with reddish amber centers from mid summer on, looks nothing short of amazing trailing over a dark structure or against...
  • Clematis - Multi Blue

    BOTANICAL NAME: Clematis 'Multi Blue'DESCRIPTION: This is definitely not your average everyday clematis; the gigantic fuly-double rich purple flowers resemble puffy frilly buttons, very loud and very showy; a true connaisseur's...
  • Clematis - Nelly Moser

    BOTANICAL NAME: Clematis x 'Nelly Moser'DESCRIPTION: Large, pastel pink blooms with a mauve-pink centre stripe and reddish stamens. Blooms in spring and from late summer to early fall.Clematis like shaded roots and...
  • Clematis - Pink Flamingo

    DESCRIPTION:  Semi-double, pale pink bell-shaped blooms with red veins and pale yellow centres in spring. Occasional fall seed heads with pink hue. Prune dead, weak or old stems after flowering...
  • Clematis - The President

    BOTANICAL NAME: Clematis 'The President'DESCRIPTION: One of the longest-blooming flowering vines, with gigantic rich purple-blue flowers from early summer through to the first fall frosts; an older heritage variety that commands...
  • Humulus - Golden Comets Hops

    BOTANICAL NAME: Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'DESCRIPTION: This fast growing vine has beautiful golden leaves. Fruit is used in brewing beer. Produces abundant clusters of yellow fruit in mid-summer until fall. Requires staking.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 3 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 2...
  • Humulus - Green Hops

    BOTANICAL NAME: Humulus lupulus DESCRIPTION: Fast growing multi-stemmed perennial vine. Attractive green foliage and cone shaped clusters of yellow ornamental fruit from mid-summer to mid fall. Twining and trailing growth habit. Excellent choice...
  • Lonicera - Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle

    BOTANICAL NAME: Lonicera x browntii 'Dropmore Scarlet'DESCRIPTION: A hardy climber with light green leaves and bright scarlet trumpet-shaped flowers in late spring until fall.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 3 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 1 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sun to partial shadeFLOWER COLOUR: ScarletFLOWERING TIME: Late...
  • Lonicera - Mandarin Honeysuckle

    BOTANICAL NAME: Lonicera x browntii 'Mandarin'DESCRIPTION: Mandarin orange flowers with a yellow throat in late spring until late summer. Hardy U.B.C. introductionAVERAGE HEIGHT: 3 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 1 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sun to partial shadeFLOWER COLOUR: Mandarin orange with yellow...
  • Parthenocissus - Engelman Ivy 1 Gallon

    BOTANICAL NAME: Parthenocissus quinquefolia "Englemanii'DESCRIPTION: Fast growing vine with large, brick red leaves in spring, matures to dark green and turns an outstanding red in fall. Small black berries in fall. Self...
  • Parthenocissus - Virginia Creeper

    BOTANICAL NAME: Parthenocissus quinquefolia DESCRIPTION: Fast growing vine with large, brick red leaves in spring, matures to dark green and turns an outstanding red in fall. Small black berries in fall. AVERAGE HEIGHT: 6 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 1 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full...
  • Vitis - Beta Grape

    BOTANICAL NAME: Vitis riparia 'Beta'DESCRIPTION: More valuable as an ornamental than a fruit producer. Green leaves with small dark purple grapes in early fall. Good for jellies or juice. Requires a sunny...
  • Wisteria - Blue Moon Wisteria

    BOTANICAL NAME: Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'DESCRIPTION: Twining, trailing habit, needs ample support. Bronze copper leaves in spring, matures to green and turns yellow in fall. Stunning chains of fragrant, pea-like lavender flowers...
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