Collection: Spectacular Vines for Sale in Calgary

While there is not alot of vines that work great in Calgary we do carry the best ones that will thrive in your garden. We only carry the hardiest types of Clematis and also carry hardy types of Hops, Honeysuckle and Ivy. If you are looking for something without flowers that will self climb up brick/concrete or other surfaces than the Englemann Ivy is unbeatable. While all of our Clematis are hardy for Calgary the hardiest of them all is the Jackmanii Clematis. Want to start a vineyard in Calgary well you might have some luck with either the Vailiant or Beta grapes, these are the best 2 varieties for Calgary. But don't get your hopes up for a vineyard here, as while these should get you some grapes they are not the best for wine. If you are looking to brew beer or just love the looks then Hops is what you are after! Hops can be a bit tricky as they do attract whiteflies which can be detrimental. It is a good idea to keep some insecticidal soap handy and have a watchful eye before they cause too much damage.