100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty Program


Click here to download our planting instructions in PDF format. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view which is a free download or an app depending on your device.


Due to availability of trees and other items always changing we are now issuing gift cards for the current value of the item if warranty is granted on said item(s). 

Calgary Plants offers a 24 hour customer satisfaction guarantee. A customer may return or exchange any of the purchased products within seven (7) days of delivery, if the goods are not of good health or do not match their description on the website. The return of any product is conditional on the products being returned in their original condition and in the original containers. The customer must contact Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre to arrange for collection of the goods within 1 business day. Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre will not accept the return of damaged products or products that have not been properly watered, except in cases where products were damaged prior to delivery or during. The onus of proof of damage prior to delivery resides with the customer. Please water your plants upon arrival especially during hot and dry weather and give them water daily until planting, once planted continue to water daily for the next two weeks and then water every second day for then next week after and once every 3 days after that. If your plant is looking droopy or dry then water immediately. Although if it is cool or has been rainy then just be careful not to over water your new plants. 

Please ensure that you select your products carefully as we will not exchange or refund products that have been incorrectly ordered by the customer.

On top of this guarantee we also have a full 1 year warranty on our hardy plants as long as they have been properly cared for, see list below. Plants that have been damaged or died due to improper planting, hail, wind, wild life, improper watering or any other way that is out of our control will not be covered in our warranty program. We are now offering free delivery on any products that require replacement and are of no fault to the customer after inspection. This warranty only covers one replacement and does not give you one (1) more year of warranty when it is replaced. If you have a plant that has perished, please leave it in the ground, send us an email or give us a call and we will come out as soon as possible to inspect the plant before it is replaced to ensure proper planting/watering/location or if it has actually died. This is to ensure we are only replacing plants that are of our fault and not our customers. Anything that has been removed from the original planting spot or seems to be tampered with in any way my not be approved by our warranty program.

Below is our list plants/products with warranty description. The full one year warranty are for items purchased at full price or at a maximum 10% discount. Any warranty items marked down more than 10% will only come with a 7 day satisfaction guarantee unless otherwise specified.

Caliper Trees - 1 year for tree only, labour and delivery extra

Potted Trees  - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Shrubs  - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Roses  - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Vines  - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Evergreens except Cedars - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Conifers   -  1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Tools - 1 year warranty and 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Cedars - Perishable, no warranty, 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Annuals - Perishable, no warranty, 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Perennials - Perishable, no warranty, 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Grasses - Perishable, no warranty, 7 day satisfaction guarantee

Bagged - No warranty

Fertilizer - No warranty


Please note that wholesale accounts do not recieve any warranty and have a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee, if not satisfied with the product Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre must be contacted within 24 hours of delivery and we will exchange your plant(s) or refund your money.

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