We’re all keen for spring to begin here in Calgary, and our selection of annual containers sold out faster than we ever expected.

But don’t despair! We still have a huge selection of perennials, shrubs and trees to add colour and life to your yard. And of course you can order them all online, for delivery right to your home.

If you’re wondering when to plant, here are some gardening tips to help you in planning your springtime gardening activities:

The May Long Week-End - often considered the date to put out annuals and start planting, because we can usually hope to be (mostly) frost-free after that.

Having said that, we seem to be as much as 2 or 3 weeks behind this spring, so I think we should be cautious with this date. Here are some important gardening tasks you can be getting on with over the next few weeks:

  • - Clean leaves and debris from beds
  • - Chop back dead growth from last year’s perennials and annuals
  • - Rake and prepare lawns for new growth

Late May – during this time the ground is usually thawed and the days are warming, but we continue to have the occasional night-time frost.

For the most part, those spring frosts are light and temperatures don’t get too low, so once the risk of heavy frost is over, it’s okay to start planting. If an unusually heavy frost is forecast, bring tender container plants inside, and cover new outdoor plants if possible.

June –By the time June rolls around we’re usually hoping we’ve seen the end of the snow and frost, and this is when planting season gets into full swing. It’s typically a damp month, with mild temperatures which means your new plants won’t suffer from heat stress, and you can spend less time watering.

June will be here before you know it, so this is a great time to start planning your plant purchases. Have a browse through our colourful photographs and detailed product descriptions – you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration.

Ordering is easy, and don’t forget that we also offer a planting service.

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