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  • Betula - Clump Paper Birch

    DESCRIPTION: Stunning multi-stemmed form of paper birch shows off snow-white peeling bark and gold fall color; needs adequate moisture and well-drained soils; a great accent tree, and one of the best...
    From $79.99
  • Betula - Cutleaf Weeping Birch

    BOTANICAL NAME: Betula pendula 'Laciniata'DESCRIPTION: Large tree with graceful weeping branches and nice white bark. Dark green lacy leaves turn a nice yellow in fall.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 12 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 6 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sun to...
    From $109.99
  • Betula - Paper Birch

    BOTANICAL NAME: Betula papyriferaDESCRIPTION: Well-shaped, native tree with green leaves that turn a beautiful yellow in fall. This hardy tree has distintive white bark when mature. AVERAGE HEIGHT: 12 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 6 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sun...
    From $109.99
  • Fraxinus - Foothills Green Ash

    BOTANICAL NAME: Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Heuver'DESCRIPTION: Prairie Hardy selection developed near Calgary. Uniform growth with an oval shaped crown. Resistant to sun scald. Green leaves turn yellow in fall.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 15 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 8 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full...
    From $109.99
  • Fraxinus - Prairie Spire Green Ash

    DESCRIPTION:  A beautiful and popular shade tree with a narrower, pyramidal habit of growth, ideal for smaller properties; excellent fall color, seedless and low maintenance; an excellent all-round landscape choice,...
    From $109.99
  • Fraxinus - Tuxedo White Ash

    BOTANICAL NAME: Fraxinus americana 'Durgar'DESCRIPTION: A hardy seedless variety with green foliage that turns a purplish blue hue in fall. AVERAGE HEIGHT: 16 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 12 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER COLOUR: InsignificantFLOWERING TIME: SpringFOLIAGE COLOUR: GreenCOLD HARDINESS: Zone 3 ( Should survive upto -39.9°...
    From $119.99
  • Larix - Siberian Larch

    BOTANICAL NAME: Larix sibericaDESCRIPTION: Broad, pyramidal canopy with larger cones than Native Larch. Attractive, soft, new green needles in spring that turn a nice golden colour in fall. Tolerant of most soils....
    From $59.99
  • Populus - Assiniboine Poplar

    DESCRIPTION: A tall rounded shade tree that's fast growing and tolerant of the worst growing conditions, somewhat susceptible to disease and wind damage, has an aggressive root system, so don't...
    From $99.99
  • Populus - Balsam Poplar

    BOTANICAL NAME: Populus balsamifera 'Paskapoo'  DESCRIPTION: A hardy native selection with vigorous growth. Upright habit with a uniform canopy. Balsam poplar has attractive white bark with very glossy leaves. Adaptive to all...
  • Populus - Byland Green Poplar

    BOTANICAL NAME: Populus x 'Byland Green' DESCRIPTION: Fast growing poplar with an upright growth habbit. Medium sized, glossy green foliage turns yellow in fall. AVERAGE HEIGHT: 15 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 7 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER COLOUR: InsignificantFLOWERING TIME: NAFOLIAGE COLOUR: GreenCOLD HARDINESS: Zone 2 (...
    From $114.99
  • Populus - Prairie Sky Poplar

    BOTANICAL NAME: Populus x canadensis 'Prairie Sky' DESCRIPTION: Hardy, narrow poplar with vigorous growth. Large heart-shaped, green foliage turns yellow in fall.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 15 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 5 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER COLOUR: InsignificantFLOWERING TIME: NAFOLIAGE COLOUR: GreenCOLD HARDINESS: Zone 2 ( Should survive...
    From $114.99
  • Populus - Sargent's Poplar

    BOTANICAL NAME: Populus sargentii DESCRIPTION: High headed tree with broad canopy and strong central leader. Native, seedless male selection. Medium sized, heart-shaped, green foliage that turns yellow in fall.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 20 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 15 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER...
    From $114.99
  • Populus - Trembling / Quaking Aspen

    DESCRIPTION:  A delicate native of the North American forest, with showy white bark and leaves that flutter in the faintest breeze; suckers vigorously, doesn't tolerate polluted conditions well, best left...
    From $109.99
  • Salix - Laurel Leaf Willow

    BOTANICAL NAME: Salix pentandraDESCRIPTION: Excellent shade tree because of its very broad head. Needs a large are to grow. Narrow, dark green, glossy leaves turn yellow in late fall. Tolerates both dry...
    From $79.99
  • Tilia - Dropmore Linden

    BOTANICAL NAME: Tilia flavescens 'Dropmore'DESCRIPTION: This is a cross between Tillia americana and Tillia cordata. Nice pyramidal crown with unique amost heart shaped, dark green leaves that turn a nice yellow in...
    From $114.99
  • Tilia - Greenspire Linden

    BOTANICAL NAME: Tilia cordata 'Greenspire'DESCRIPTION: Dense pyramidal to oval crown with attractive cinnamon colour bark. Smaller, almost heart-shaped dark green leaves give the tree a delicate appearance. Nice gold colour in fall....
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