• Larch - Siberian 5 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: Broad, pyramidal canopy with larger cones than Native Larch. Attractive, soft, new green needles in spring that turn a nice golden colour in fall. Tolerant of most soils. Drops needles...
  • Linden - Dropmore - 10 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: This is a cross between Tillia americana and Tillia cordata. Nice pyramidal crown with unique almost heart shaped, dark green leaves that turn a nice yellow in fall. Mildly fragrant,...
  • Poplar - Balsam - 5 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: Native, dwarf poplar with lateral branching pattern (resists snow-load damage).  New red growth and dark green foliage with strong balsam scent.  Insect/disease resistant.  Drought tolerant prefers dry soil once...
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