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  • Prunus - Bounty Plum

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus nigra 'Bounty'DESCRIPTION: A hardy plum that produces abundantly in late summer. Stunning clusters of white blooms emerge before the leaves, giving rise to showy orange fruit that is great...
  • Prunus - Brookred Plum

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus nigra x salicina 'Brookred'DESCRIPTION: Late season, prairie hardy selection with red fruit about 4cm in size. Good for cooking or eating. Requires cross pollination from another Plum or Western...
  • Prunus - Carmine Jewel Cherry

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus x kerassis SK 'Carmine Jewl'DESCRIPTION: Single stem hardy dwarf cherry selected by the University of Saskatchewan. Showy white flowers in spring followed by good sized, tart red cherries that...
  • Prunus - Casino Apricot

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus mandshurica x 'DurGarfield'DESCRIPTION:  Very hardy. Free-stone yellow fruit with a red blush, ripens in mid-summer. Good for canning/jams. Self-pollinating; for better yields, cross-pollinate with another apricot or Nanking...
  • Prunus - Cupid Cherry 10 Gallon

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus x kerassis SK 'Cupid'DESCRIPTION: Early bloomer with large, black to dark red sweet, slightly astringent fruit in late summer and early fall. Excellent for fresh eating, and processing. Self-pollinating....
  • Prunus - Goldspur™ Amur Cherry

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus maackii 'Jefspur'DESCRIPTION: Dwarf Amur Cherry found in Saskatchewan. Very compact, uniform oval habit and dark peach-like foliage accented by bright gold exfoliating bark. Small racemes of bright white blooms...
    From $114.99
  • Prunus - Mayday

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus padus 'Commutata'DESCRIPTION: Fast growing tree with a wide spreading canopy. Green leaves turn a nice orange-yellow in fall. Large clusters of showy white flowers in early spring followed by...
    From $114.99
  • Prunus - Midnight Schubert Chokecherry

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus virginiana 'Midnight' DESCRIPTION: Oval to rounded canopy. Green leaves in spring mature to deep purple. Leaves are larger and darker than the regular Schubert. White flowers in spring followed...
    From $119.99
  • Prunus - Muckle Plum

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus x nigrella 'Muckle'DESCRIPTION: Rose pink blooms emerge from bright red buds before leafing out. Dark green glossy foliage turns a striking orange-red in fall. Rounded growth habit. Great small...
  • Prunus - Princess Kay Plum

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus nigra 'Princess Kay'DESCRIPTION: A small ornamental tree with showy, fragrant, double white flowers in early spring prior to leafing out. Nice dark green leaves turn a nice yellow colour...
    From $109.99
  • Prunus - Schubert Chokecherry 7 Gallon 6-7 Feet

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'DESCRIPTION: Green leaves in spring mature to purple. White flowers in spring followed by tiny black cherries.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 8 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 4 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER COLOUR: WhiteFLOWERING TIME: Early springFOLIAGE COLOUR: Green - Matures to purpleCOLD...
  • Prunus - Sweetheart Mayday

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus padus 'Sel'DESCRIPTION: Nice purple-green foliage with long clusters of pink flowers in early spring followed by tiny black berries.AVERAGE HEIGHT: 5 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 3 MetersSUN EXPOSURE: Full sunFLOWER COLOUR: PinkFLOWERING TIME: Early springFOLIAGE COLOUR: Purple-greenCOLD HARDINESS: Zone 3 ( Should...
  • Prunus - Valentine Cherry

    BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus x kerassis SK 'Valentine'DESCRIPTION: Single stem tree with large white flowers followed by an abundance of tart red cherries perfect for baking, jellies or jams. Glossy green foliage turns...
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