After a long, drab Calgary winter it’s wonderful to see so much spring colour popping up all over the city.

As you choose perennials, shrubs and trees for your own yard, it’s so much fun to dream of the flowers and colours you’ll get to enjoy throughout the season.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of colour in your garden this year:

  • - For a formal, manicured look, pick a colour scheme with one or two co-ordinating colours, such as yellow and white, or pink and purple. For a more natural or informal look, it’s okay to combine as many colours as you like.
  • - Choose plants that flower at different times of the year. To make that easy, we give you the flowering times in our plant descriptions.
  • - Choose some plants with colourful or variegated foliage.
  • - Include some evergreens for year-round colour in your yard.

When you’re browsing any of our product pages, check out the handy ‘collections’ listing down the left hand side of the page. It’s a great tool to help you narrow down your search - for instance, you could select evergreens with blue, green or gold/lime foliage; or perennials with nice fall colour. makes choosing and buying plants for your yard easier and more enjoyable than ever. Our colourful photographs and detailed descriptions give you all the information you need to choose the perfect plants; ordering is as easy as a few simple clicks of the mouse – and then all you have to do is sit back while your plants are delivered right to your home!

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