June Gardening in Calgary

We’re well into prime gardening season here in Calgary, and if you haven’t ordered your plants, this is the ideal time to do so.

June’s a great time to plant for a couple of reasons:

1)    As we learnt last year, June is usually one of the wettest months of the year – and lots of moisture is good for your new plants.

2)    Your plants will have a chance to establish before the hottest summer weather sets in.

Here at Calgaryplants.com we still have a great selection of perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses, vines and evergreens; all available to order online for delivery right to your home.

This week’s Calgary gardening tip … watering in June

Even though we usually get lots of rain in June, it’s still important to give some thought to how and when you water your new plants:

  •  - Even during this wettest part of the year, a few days without rain can cause your plants to dry out.
  •  - Sometimes the amount of rain received is deceptive; it may seem like the soil is wet, but in fact the moisture has barely penetrated the surface. Stick a finger into the soil to check.
  •  - If your beds remain waterlogged even after the rain has stopped, it could indicate a drainage problem, and this might not be a great environment for your plants.

So, the key here is just to check the soil often and make sure your plants receive even moisture – especially when they are newly planted.

For some ideas and inspiration for your garden this year, check out the beautiful full colour photographs and detailed plant descriptions in our online catalogue.

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