Donna's Picks

My picks!

I want to share with you my 20 years of experience of growing annuals, perennials and trees, by letting you know which varieties perform well and what new products I am excited about!

I will be looking for hardiness, overall appeal and performance. Sometimes I will let you know what plants I have experienced in my own personal garden. As Alberta gardeners, we all know how short our season is, I hope these picks will help enhance your gardening season.

"Growing Beauty Together"


One of last years shade containers.

This is a basket I planted  in a shady spot in my backyard last year. It was vibrant yet low maintenance. This arrangement lasted through till fall. These plants were planted in an 12" X 36" bowl. I was so impressed with the results that I have listed them below.


Perilla - Tricolor

A coleus "look a like". I used this in the container for the color, but was amazed at its performance. I had it in shade but it can tolerate full sun.

Height is 2-3'


Coleus - Wasabi

Love this plant! Durable and rugged for a coleus. Great for contrast with brilliant color without fading.

Height 18-36"

Spread is 16-28"


Lobelia - Hot Aqua

There are lots of different Lobelias, but I do prefer the "Hot Series". They are more heat tolerant and weather resistant. Aqua is a beautiful sky blue, a great shade color.


Begonia - Hiemalis Solenia Chocolate Orange

When you plant in shade, Begonias are that non-stop bloom you need. This Begonia has dark leaves that show off their bright, vibrant orange. This Begonia tolerates both shade and sun.

Height 12"

Spread 18"


Begonia - Florencio Yellow

This Begonia is an upright, well branched habit. Blooms Spring through Summer. The "Florencio Series" are sun and shade tolerant.

Height 16-18"

Spread 16-18"