This is the best time to plant!

 Did you know that this is the safest time to plant trees, shrubs and evergreens?

Now that we are well into the days of August, this is the most frequently asked question from our customers: “Can we still plant trees and other plants in the garden?”


And the answer is an enthusiastic “Yeah baby, yeah!” –to quote the famous green thumb, British gardener Austin Powers.


Well, what makes this the best time to plant?

The most important “job” a plant has to do after being planted is to develop a strong root system. Early in the season plants are busy with producing a lot of new foliage (or “above ground”) growth which is quite tender and susceptible to damage from late frost, scorching sun and drying wind. Later in the season (like now!) growth shifts from top to bottom, meaning this is the time for intensive root development! Not only that, but new, tender growth and foliage on plants now is hardening off, so it is not so susceptible to damage from the elements.


So there is still plenty of time to plant trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials, because the ground is warm (roots love that!) and the roots are just gearing up for their favorite growth time of the year. Hard to believe, but roots will keep growing even after the plant drops its leaves in the fall!

In fact if you plant your garden this fall, you almost gain one full year's growth, because next spring your plants will start the season with an established, larger root system that will push a much more vigorous top growth next year.


Don’t wait till the spring, grow some roots in your garden NOW!

This is the best time to plant!

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