Featured Plant – Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass

If you’re looking for some drama in your yard, you won’t do better than Calamagrostis  x Acutifolia ‘Karl Foerster’

One of spring’s early risers, this tall, majestic grass has feathery blooms that last all season, gradually changing from a light pink to gold. Unless they are battered by heavy snowfall, they can even remain into the winter.

Karl Foerster prefers full sun and regular watering, but it is highly adaptable and will tolerate partial shade and is even quite drought tolerant.

The stalks make a great addition to cut flower arrangements, and the seeds are sterile, which is a particular bonus for those who don’t appreciate plants that take over the yard!

Here are some different ways you can incorporate grasses into your landscape:

  • - Use as a backdrop for a naturalized or wildflower garden.
  • - Mix with other plants for a variety of colours and textures.
  • - Use one bold stand of tall grass as a unique focal point.
  • - Plant en-masse and enjoy the fabulous way they sway on a windy day.

Order your Calamagrostis now and enjoy its unique, dramatic beauty all year. And remember, CalgaryPlants.com is Calgary’s online plant store – ordering is as simple as a click of the mouse, and then you can relax while your plants are delivered right to your home.

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