Donna's Picks

My picks!

I want to share with you my 19 years of experience of growing annuals, perennials and trees, by letting you know which varieties perform well and what new products I am excited about!

I will be looking for hardiness, overall appeal and performance. Sometimes I will let you know what plants I have experienced in my own personal garden. As Alberta gardeners, we all know how short our season is, I hope these picks will help enhance your gardening season.

Let’s ‘Grow Beauty Together’!!!

Juncus - Annual Grass - Blue Arrows

The perfect thriller for your containers!

Hanging Basket - Wine & Cheese

The name says it all!

Petunia - Splash Dance™ Purple Polka

These Petunia Splash Dance Series are the hottest things this season! Check out the different colors.

Iris - Pumila Dwarf Bearded Orange

The picture on our website does not give enough justice to show it’s brilliant colors!

Dahlia - Hypnotica® Lemon Swirl

 This beauty is about to burst into blooms!

Lilac - Congo French 2 Gallon

This hardy lilac has the longest flower pinnacle clusters of all the lilac with a distinctive aromatic fragrance, attracting bees, butterflies, and birds.