• Ecco Chips Charcoal Recycled Mulch 2 cubic feet

    Ecco Chips are a 100% recycled product that provides an attractive and long-lasting appearance. Ecco chips deter weeds when applied at a thickness of 2 inches or greater. They are...
  • Grape - Minnesota 78 Grape - 1 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: The hardiest grape for the Prairies. Green leaves with small dark purple grapes in early fall. Good for jellies, juice or preserves. Requires sunny southern exposure.  BOTANICAL NAME: Vitis Minnesota 'Valiant'AVERAGE HEIGHT: 5 MetersAVERAGE SPREAD: 5...
  • Grape - Valiant - 1 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: Very hardy with plentiful compact clusters of sweet, juicy, royal purple, seeded grapes which mature in early fall (earlier than V. riparia 'Beta'). Used for juice, jelly and wines. Large-space...
  • Green Harvest 3 in 1 Plus 30L

    Mix of Loam - Peat - Steer Manure PLUS Zeolite See photo
  • Green Harvest Compost 30L Bag

    Green Harvest Compost is a great additive to the vegetable garden, flower beds, lawns, trees and shrubs, baskets and planters.
  • Green Harvest Top Soil Plus 30L

    Added Fertilizer 0.5-0.5-0.5 See photo
  • Honeysuckle Vine - Mandarin -1 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION:  Hardy U.B.C. introduction. Valued for its showy orange tubular flowers with yellow throats in spring and throughout the summer; very easy to grow and not excessively aggressive, a great...
  • Hops - Golden Comet's - 1 Gallon

    DESCRIPTION: This fast growing vine has beautiful golden leaves. Fruit is used in brewing beer. Produces abundant clusters of yellow fruit in mid-summer until fall. Requires staking. BOTANICAL NAME: Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'AVERAGE HEIGHT: 3...
  • PRO-MIX® Soil

    Description:  With its high perlite content, PRO-MIX® HP® BIOSTIMULANT + MYCORRHIZAE™ provides a porous environment for growers wanting high air porosity, low water retention and good drainage. The added benefit...
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