What you need to know about planting in July

Here at Calgaryplants.com we hear lots of questions about whether it’s okay to plant in July, and through the summer. The resounding answer is yes definitely!

In many ways the summer is a great time to plant because your new plants will enjoy longest, sunniest days of the growing season. But, of course in the hottest weather it’s crucially important to look after all your plants. Here are some tips for planting in Calgary in July:

  • If you don’t have time to get your new plants in the ground right away, make sure they stay well watered in the pot, and store them where they’ll be shaded from the hottest afternoon sun.
  • When you dig the hole, mix a small amount of compost and/or peat moss into the garden soil to help improve its water holding capacity.
  • Once you get your plants into the soil give them a good soaking.
  • Keep your plants well watered for the remainder of the season. It’s worth remembering that, even after a heavy rainfall, the soil can dry out surprisingly quickly.

Now that the garden centres are past their busiest season you’ll notice that their selection is often depleted. But don’t despair – here at Calgary Plants Online we still have a great selection of perennials, shrubs and trees for all situations and conditions.

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