Gardening for year-round interest

It’s a special time here in Calgary when spring rolls around – probably because we have such a short growing season!

We all want to make the most of those precious days of warm sunshine, when we can get outside and enjoy our yards. But what about the rest of the year? Even though our winters are long, and spring is often slow in arriving, there is a great deal you can do to make sure your yard looks interesting and beautiful all year. 

Gardening tip – creating winter interest in your yard

When you’re planning your yard, you can create drama with plants that continue to look great even once most plants have lost their leaves, or disappeared back into the soil:

Here are some different ways to plant for winter interest:

  •  - A tall evergreen tree or shrub in the back or corners of your yard will look great all year. Remember to consider the full-grown size of your chosen plants so that they don’t overcrowd their space.
  •  - Lower evergreens will provide some year-round colour above the snow.
  •  - There are many shrubs and trees with colourful bark which stay interesting even once their leaves are gone for the winter. They make a lovely contrast to the evergreens.
  •  - Many perennials, such as grasses, remain upright during the winter and can continue to look good even after the snow falls.

Using our detailed plant descriptions and colourful photographs you can choose plants to give your yard colour and structure all year. And of course at, you can order your plants online for delivery right to your home.


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