Crazy September Weather

Well it is not too crazy to expect the unexpected in Calgary. But going from 25 degrees and sunny to -1 and snow in 24 hours is a bit strange. I am sure a lot of you have experienced some damage to your trees, shrubs and perennials. The reason this happens is because everything still is in full leaf and the wet snow is very heavy and sticks to the leaves. The best thing to do is if the damage is minor to just make a nice clean cut below the broken limb. If there is major damage and it is high up the best thing to do would be call your local Arborist to help take care of your tree.

As most of you already know we are in for another pile of snow this evening and overnight. If your trees/shrubs are small and you don't mind getting a bit wet you can help your trees from being damaged. As the snow starts to accumulate on them it would be a great idea to shake the snow off. BE CAREFUL THOUGH, if there is a lot of snow or the tree is quite large this can be a bit dangerous so make sure you take caution. The last thing we want to see is you getting hurt. 

As far as perennials an annuals there inst much you can do but hope that they aren't to damage from the weight of the snow. Perennials will come back just fine next season. 

We are starting to wind down here at but we still do have a large selection of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and more!! If you did not know, fall is still a great time to plant! In fact it is one of the best times to plant your trees, shrubs and evergreen. 

Anyways, stay warm and lets hope summer is not over yet.

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