Attracting Hummingbirds with Your Landscape

Attracting hummingbirds is a bit difficult here in Calgary, Canada, as these birds can’t handle the cold of a Canadian winter. You’ll need to beautify your Calgary landscape if you want to see one of these little guys come summer! Bird watchers, these tips are for you!

Plant lots of flowers

Of course! Hummingbirds survive and thrive on flower nectar, and they can help pollinate the flowers you’ve planted throughout your Calgary landscape. Plant lots of vibrant flowers, as sugar-loving hummingbirds are attracted to vivid colors

Plant the right trees

Hummingbirds love forested areas, and thrive around trees. Some hummingbirds are sapsuckers, and they love a good birch or maple tree. Fruit trees attract hummingbirds the same as flowers do, and you can hang artificial feeders in any tree in your landscape. Artificial feeders are a good go-to if you’d like to try and attract birds before your garden is in full bloom.

Give your birds shelter

Again, trees are the right option here. Evergreen trees are great for hummingbirds seeking shade or shelter. Furthermore, evergreens provide protection from any predators. Also consider planting aspen and birch trees, although all trees help attract those hummers!

Provide Water

Water is essential in attracting hummingbirds. These little guys love small, unassuming pools of water, as it appears to be fresh rainwater. You can plant maples which carry leaves that naturally collect water, or you can use small bird baths to attract these birds. Even just a simple bowl of water will work!

Happy bird watching!
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