How To Organize Your Landscape with Our Plants

Sure, our garden centre, Calgary Plants, offers landscaping services and landscaping consultation - but there are plenty do-it-yourselfers who love to design their own landscapes. If you’re looking into tackling a new landscaping project, you’ll need to give some serious thought about how to organize your plants and trees! Here are a few things you might consider before implementing a design…


Consider how you’re planning on watering your landscape. Its crucial! If you’re going to automate your watering with piping, you’ll need to consider the appropriate solution before you implement your design. If you’re going to water your landscape by hand, you’ll need to make sure your plants and trees are hose-accessible or close enough for hauling water.


If your landscape undulates, or if you’ve got berms, you’ll have to plan accordingly. Again, consider water first. Water will pool at the base of slopes; and it will run off steeper terrain before it can permeate the surface. Also, think about your topography aesthetically. A landscaped river bed looks best running through the bottom of a crest in your landscape - not on top! Just think, will this look natural?

Organic v. Organized

This one comes down to personal taste, but more often than not, an organic design works best in a landscape. There are exceptions where organized landscaping wins out.. Organized designs (planting trees in a row, or stepping stones) imply just that - design. If you’re controlling the flow of your landscape, or shaping a walking path next to your home, consider using an organized design. Trees can make natural fences, or perfect windbreaks - and straight lines are common in these specific situations.

If you’re stumped on the design of your Calgary landscape, give the pros a call at our garden centre.

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