Things To Do To Prep for Winter

Well folks, autumn is right around the corner, and the turning of the seasons marks a change in the way we ought to be working around the garden! Here are a few things to do as fall rolls around in order to get your Calgary-area landscape prepped for winter:

Plant New Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants and trees are hardy green fellas year-round. That means you can keep that lively green look of your garden or landscape through the winter months with a few extra plants or trees! Fall is the perfect time to get these guys into the ground, as it’ll prep their root structure for the upcoming snap of winter.

Take Off the Shades

If you’ve got a greenhouse, you’ll want to take off any shade implements. As days are now growing shorter, greenhouse shades are becoming unnecessary. Your plants will need all the light they can get as night-time grows longer!

Empty Out The Bins

Use up your compost before winter comes around. Using up your compost now will aid your garden next year, and it will give your landscape a little extra protection from frost.

Prep Garden Tools & The Tool Shed

Clean out the shed, and get all the tools inside! Lots of gardeners use fall as the time to maintain their tools and put everything in its right place. Any tools left out over winter will get buried in snow, and they're likely to rust! Practice fall cleaning! You’ll be ready to get gardening again come spring!
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