Tips For Building a Beautiful Patio

If you love being outdoors as much as we do, then you love time spent out on the patio, porch, or deck. Whatever you call it, that outdoor domain is the perfect hangout. If you’re building a deck, or adding on to a preexisting structure, you can get creative! Here are a couple of deck features you might consider, thanks to Calgary Plants’ garden centre:

In-Deck Trees

Plan your deck around preexisting trees, or integrate newly planted trees into your deck design! Remember, you’ll want to keep roots away from concrete structures (especially your home’s foundation) - but consider planting trees that’ll be content surrounded by a wooden deck. Avoid aspen and similar trees, as their suckers are likely to multiply and shoot through cracks in a deck. We recommend cutting plenty of room for your tree trunk to grow over time.

Garden Plots

Built in garden plots look great, and they’re functional. Building in a flower bed can add to the aesthetic of a deck, or an herb garden can add function! Or go all out and plant a full veggie garden right there on your patio!


Consider built-in seating. If you’re planning on entertaining guests out on the porch, integrated seating is a great option. Build benches into the structure of your deck… they look great, and they work!

Outdoor Lighting

Integrating lighting is the next level of deck design. Make your deck beautiful, day and night. Plus, you’ll be able to grill-out and chill-out out of doors well into the wee hours if you please! 

Cooking Space

Save space for the grill! And consider building in composite or granite countertops. Cabinetry can be useful too, but make sure it’s all weather-proof. Stainless-steel is a great option!

Regardless of the design you choose, just make sure your deck suits you! That’s all for today from your local garden centre! And as always, give us a call for all your plant and tree needs!
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