Combining perennials, shrubs and trees in your yard

One of the best ways to create interest in your yard is to combine different textures, colours, shapes and sizes. And one of the best ways to do that is to use a mixture of perennials, shrubs and trees.

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If you’re wondering how to mix different types of plants, here are some things to consider:

a)    Perennials are the plants that die back during the winter, and then grow from the ground up again in the spring. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from creeping groundcovers and tiny rock plants right up to towering spikes and everything in between.

b)    Shrubs are woody plants that stay smaller than most trees and are typically bushy with many different stems. They may go dormant during the winter, but the stems remain, adding some year-round interest in your beds.

c)    Trees are the tallest woody plants, and they offer shade, privacy and structure to your yard.

This week’s gardening tip … how to combine, perennials, shrubs and trees

Trees add drama to any yard, and one or more can act as a beautiful focal point. They can provide a back-drop for all your other gardening activities, and are a great starting point for your garden design. There are many evergreen trees, and also many that have beautiful bark for winter interest.

Shrubs are the workhorse of your beds, providing interest throughout the year. They vary in size from dwarf varieties that might be just 3’ or 4’ high, to larger specimens which are more like small trees. Like trees, it’s a great idea to use shrubs in your beds to provide some structure, and possibly some winter colour.

Once you have your trees and shrubs in place, it’s time to fill in with perennials. They come in all shapes and sizes, so try to choose varieties with different colours, shapes and textures to make your flower beds more interesting.

Choosing the right plants is easy at - our colourful photographs and detailed descriptions make it easy to compare all the choices and find the very best plants for your yard. Now that the gardening season is well underway, this is a great time to order for early delivery and to take advantage of the greatest selection.
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