Featured Plant – Gladiator Flowering Crabapple

This month’s featured plant is a beautiful, flowering tree with stunning, glossy purple leaves and a compact shape that makes it perfect for smaller spaces.

Malus x adstringens ‘Durleo’ – or the Gladiator Rosybloom Crabapple – grows to about 20’ high, with a spread of about 6-9’. In the spring it’s covered with a profusion of gorgeous pink, fragrant blossoms, followed by small, purple ornamental fruits.

Gladiators are prairie-hardy, and resistant to apple scab, so they’re perfect for Calgary gardens. They prefer full sun, and moist, but well drained soil; and they definitely benefit from some regular pruning.

Garden design tip …  

Here are some different ideas to help you create drama and impact around this beautiful, showy tree:

  •  - Shrubs with lime green foliage, such as junipers, spirea or ninebark provide a stunning contrast to Gladiator’s deep purple leaves.
  •  - Because Gladiator typically has a low crown, a grouping of low growing perennials around it will add colour without detracting from the tree’s natural display.
  •  - Plant a row of Gladiator crabapples to create a stunning hedge or barrier.

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